Call this function to execute an NFT transfer transaction.

Example Usage

 * Transfer an NFT to another user within your app that has a Halliday account.
const transferAssetTxInfo = await hallidayClient.transferAsset({
  from_in_game_player_id: userInGameId,										// your user's id in your application
  to_in_game_player_id: "other_player_id",								// other user's id in your application
  collection_address: "0xeeaf9e39057002eae4bea8bb4e65b01a9cfd59be",
  token_id: "3988",
  sponsor_gas: true,


TransferAssetRequest Object

from_in_game_player_idstringThe user id of sending user
to_in_game_player_idstringThe user id of receiving user
collection_addressstringContract address of target NFT
token_idstringToken id of target NFT
sponsor_gasbooleanWhether to pay for user's gas on their behalf
on_rate_limit (optional)FunctionCallback to run if user is rate-limited (i.e small message on screen for a few seconds)
gas_fee_overrides (optional)max_fee_per_gas: string;
Hardcoded gas fee values in Wei to use for transaction instead of dynamic query values


Promise to a GetTransactionReponse Object

blockchain_typestringThe blockchain on which this transaction occurred (e.g. ETHEREUM, IMMUTABLE_PROD)
tx_idstringThe ID of the transaction
statusstringThe status of the transaction (e.g. PENDING, COMPLETE, FAILED)
retry_countnumberThe number of times we've retried sending this transaction
on_chain_id (optional)stringThe blockchain transaction id if the transaction succeeded
error_message (optional)stringThe error message if the transaction failed
user_op_receipt (optional)stringJSON Object of the user operation receipt (if the operation went through on chain)