Test Anychain Onramp

Test your on-ramp integration

Install the Anychain Onramp

To use the Anychain onramp, install the Halliday SDK.

npm install halliday-sdk


yarn add halliday-sdk

The Anychain Onramp SDK will open a popup in which you can input the desired amount of funds to onramp. Since this is a test version, you will be acquiring Halliday Test Tokens (a test ERC-20 token) with a test credit card. NOTE: you will not be billed for this test on-ramp transaction.

To add this to your application, you only need to integrate the Anychain Onramp button and enable the testing mode by setting a sandbox boolean to true. This is shown below:

import { openHallidayOnramp } from "halliday-sdk";

// openHallidayOnramp will open a popup that begins the onramp flow.
// Customize the button to match your game's aesthetic.
  onClick={() => {
      undefined, // optional in_game_player_id
      true // set sandbox boolean to be true to ensure the on-ramp is in test mode
  Onramp with Halliday