Welcome to Halliday!

Halliday unifies your Appchain.

We solve the problem of first dollar spent on your chain, offering users a seamless onboarding experience and one-click acquisition and management of any asset on any chain through our proprietary Orchestration Layer.

We provide developers the Web3 tools to acquire and monetize users, allowing teams to build their next breakout hits on the blockchain. Our Anychain Onramp allows users to onramp to any token, on any EVM-compatible chain, and is fully self-custodial, allowing us to operate in over 160 territories, including the United States. Our Unified Appchain Wallet leverages this technology to extend developers the ability to is built to scale, and designed with the consumer experience in mind.

Backed by a16z and #Hashed, we have partnered with prominent developers such as DeFi Kingdoms, Caldera, AltLayer and Conduit. Our team comes from Stanford, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon, and has years of experience at the most recognized technology brands in the world, including Meta, Netflix, Samsung and more.

We're excited to have you on board!