To retrieve the logged-in user's Halliday Account details, such as their Halliday account address, call getOrCreateHallidayAAWallet(). This function will return the Smart Account for a user based on the their unique id in your application.

Example Usage

 * Call getOrCreateHallidayAAWallet. This function will get or create the Halliday AA wallet, 
 * that the non-custodial wallet will be the owner of.
 * Need to call this before any of the below methods to make sure the user
 * has a Halliday AA Wallet
const getAccountResponse = await hallidayClient.getOrCreateHallidayAAWallet()


For SocialLoginClient and EmailOTPClientClasses

No inputs

For ViaSigner and Passkey classes:

userInGameIdstringUser's id in your application (must be unique) - Required if using ViaSignerClass
(optional) emailstringThe user's email. This parameter is not required if the social login client is used.


Promise to a GetWalletResponse object.

blockchain_typestringThe blockchain the user's Halliday Account is on.
in_game_user_idstringYour in-app ID for this user
gas_sponsoredstringHow much gas you have sponsored for this user
sponsorship_limitstringThe upper limit for how much gas you have chosen to sponsor for this user
account_addressstringThe Halliday account address corresponding to this user