Halliday's SDK provides functionality for integrating the browser's native passkeys system for authenticating users to your application. With our SDK, users will have unique non-custodial smart accounts based on the passkey they use (i.e fingerprint, touch id, device passcode, etc.).


What are Passkeys?

A new standard advocated by Google and Apple, passkeys is the next-generation user authentication technology designed to replace traditional passwords. When a user registers or logs in, their device creates a unique private-public key pair that associates the user to that specific site or service, which is known a passkey. The passkey's private key, stored securely on the user's device, is used for authentication and is never shared.

In Web3, the passkey can be used to manage wallets and accounts on the blockchain, including Halliday Smart Accounts.


To learn more about Passkeys, please refer to the Passkeys section of Architecture + Concepts, or these helpful sources below:

Google's Passkeys Documentation: https://www.google.com/account/about/passkeys/

Apple's Passkeys Documentation: https://support.apple.com/guide/iphone/use-passkeys-to-sign-in-to-apps-and-websites-iphf538ea8d0/ios

WebAuthn Passkeys Standards: https://fidoalliance.org/passkeys/