Halliday NFT Checkout

Halliday's NFT Checkout service enables your users to purchase NFTs directly from your marketplace with their credit or debit cards, without needing to go through the cumbersome Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process. With this feature, your users experience less friction when interacting with your commercial products. Our solution is designed to make your assets more accessible to a wider audience, inviting both crypto enthusiasts and those new to digital assets to experience the world you built.

With Halliday's NFT Checkout, users are able to purchase NFTs directly with their credit card, just like any Web2 asset. For primary mints, Halliday can collect and pass USDC directly to the game developers. For secondary sales, Halliday will do all the heavy lifting of obtaining the listing token in order to purchase the asset. This way, the buyer pays for the asset in USD, but the seller is still paid in the listed token.


Try it Out!

Check out our demo to explore our Halliday NFT Checkout service.

Integrating NFT Checkout

The Halliday NFT Checkout is custom-built for your economy. We provide a white glove service that minimizes integration work for developers and the hassle for users.

Please reach out to a Halliday representative if you are interested in adding NFT Checkout to your marketplace at [email protected]


Please reach out to a Halliday representative here if you are interested in integrating NFT Checkout to your app or marketplace.