Whitelabel Embedded Wallets with Halliday

Get started with the Halliday by leveraging social-login functionality to quickly create a Smart Account

If you have services or apps set up with social login providers (Google, Facebook, X, etc.), Halliday's social login flow offers an easy onboarding experience for users using your service to access their Halliday Smart Accounts via a whitelabeled embedded wallet. Halliday currently supports the following third-party Social Login integrations:


Be sure to register developer apps for Social Login!

Before utilizing our social login client to log in your users with Google, Facebook, or Twitter, you (as a company) will need to register developer apps with each company. This is to be compliant with the terms of service for these social login providers, as your users should only be able to authenticate with your developer Google, Facebook, or Twitter developer application.

Integrating Halliday Social Login

To integrate our social login SDK, follow the steps below:

0. Reach out to Halliday to Enable Social Login Configurations

Please contact us at [email protected] to enable social login configurations for your project.

1. Install halliday-sdk

Install halliday-sdk with your preferred package manager:

npm install halliday-sdk
yarn add halliday-sdk

2. Add Social Login Configurations in our Dashboard

In order to enable social login with your developer app registered through Google, Facebook, X, or custom provider, you will need to provide us the client_id for your application. To do so, please log in to our dashboard. After logging in, navigate to the Social Login tab, where you will be able to enter your client ID for each of the apps you wish to support social login. Please note that this is only configurable once! If you need to change your client ID, you will need to reach out to us to do so, as changing the client ID may lead to your users losing access to their wallets and smart accounts.

3. Integrate!

Once you have set these up, you are now ready to integrate Halliday Social Login with your social login provider! Please refer to the respective documentations for in-depth guides and walkthroughs on the integration.