Test Your Integration on a Testnet Using a Sandbox API Key

To test your integration, you can leverage a Halliday sandbox API key to create accounts and issue transactions on a test network like Goerli, Sepolia, Polygon Mumbai, Arbitrum Goerli, and more.

To route all of the SDK requests to the Halliday sandbox servers, be sure to set sandbox = true. Be sure to also specify a testnet BlockchainType for transactions to not spend actual funds.

Here's an example:

import {Halliday, BlockchainType} from "halliday-sdk";

// Initialize the Halliday client.
const hallidayClient = new Halliday(
    BlockchainType.OPTIMISM_GOERLI,        // Specifying blockchainType is optional - defaults to Mumbai
    true                                   // This is an optional argument that makes the SDK interact with our sandbox environment

The last argument sets the Halliday client to sandbox mode. The constructor has the following parameters:

apiKeystringAPI key for Halliday
blockchainTypeBlockchainTypeBlockchain of the Halliday Smart Account
sandboxbooleanOptional argument to use sandbox API. Defaults to false.

All subsequent account creations and transactions will now occur on test networks

Current Supported Testnets