Why Smart Accounts?

To build a breakout hit on the blockchain, developers will need to provide interfaces familiar to Web2 users. Terms like seed phrases and gas fees may confuse otherwise loyal users, causing them to churn before trying your product.

Halliday's Smart Accounts add value in three key verticals:

  1. Non-custodial ownership: You and your players chose Web3 for a reason. Enjoy the benefits of sovereign ownership, without sacrificing UX.
  2. Cross-Chain and Cross-Device Compatible: Maintain the same on-chain address for users across all EVM chains. Our accounts work seamlessly with multi-chain and cross-platform projects.
  3. Custom UI: It's your product, not ours. Our Smart Accounts blend in seamlessly within your experience.


The Halliday Difference

By integrating the Halliday Smart Account, you gain access to our entire ecosystem. This means seamless integration with our Monetization and Growth Suites. When utilized together, you can abstract the blockchain away for your users across the entire customer journey!

Halliday saves you time, money, and valuable developer resources by handling the complexities ofinfrastructure for you with:

  1. One account, any chain: One Halliday Smart Account grants you the same address on every chain. There's no need to worry about keep track of multiple wallet addresses, and you can use our same solution for many different ecosystems.
  2. Programmable Tech: Incorporate custom rules and policies to fit your needs, such as gas sponsorship. Control which transactions you'd like to cover and for which users, institute spending limits, and more. Our policy engine gives you the tools to tailor your experience to your exact needs.
  3. Automatic transaction management: No need to implement complicated transaction management, including retry logic, network submission strategies, or node routing. With the Halliday API, you can manage and track your transactions all in one place.

Account Abstraction via SDK

Like most of our other services, our Onboarding features are best enabled by utilizing our SDK. This means that you can customize the experience to be in line with your game's theme. The Dragon's Den, The Armory - call your Smart Accounts whatever you want - get creative with it!

In order to provide the best user experience, we provide two sets of APIs:

Halliday Client SDK: this SDK is designed to be used from your application client with a public API key. This set of API endpoints will be used to help manage the Smart Accounts for users (newAccount), understand their inventory (getAssets and getBalances), and form transactions.

Halliday Admin SDK [coming soon]: this SDK is designed to be used from your application server with a private API key. These endpoints can be used to get a more bird's eye view of the overall app state (e.g. listTransactions) and manage the rest of the Halliday Smart Account, such as our Monetization or Growth functionality.

Whatโ€™s Next