Add Halliday to your project with a few simple steps!

The Halliday Commerce Module enables users to bring funds - in whatever form - to your chain, enabling you to facilitate first dollar spent from your users. We enable your users to acquire any token, on any chain, with a single click. Users are able to onramp funds, bridge and swap funds from their existing wallet like Metamask, or even connect a brokerage/exchange account like Coinbase or Robinhood to transfer cryptocurrency onto your chain.

The Halliday Commerce Module works in a fully self-custodial manner, allowing us to operate in virtually every non-sanctioned jurisdiction in the world, including the United States. That means your users will always have access to their funds, and Halliday can never access them. The Commerce Module also can connect to any EVM wallet address, including embedded wallets and EOAs like Metamask.

For more information and resources about our Commerce Module, please visit our Halliday Commerce Module guide.

Step One: Contact a Halliday representative

If we do not already support your token, we can do so very quickly. Simply get in touch with us and share which token you'd like support for, as well as any preferred bridges and/or exchanges you'd like us to leverage.

Step Two: Obtain API Keys

If you haven't already, please do so by following the steps here!

Step Three: Integrate!

First, install the Halliday SDK:

npm install halliday-sdk
yarn add halliday-sdk

Once you've done that, integrating the Commerce Module into your website or application is as simple as a few lines of code. Shown below is an example of our onramp integration:

import { openHallidayOnrampToEOA } from "halliday-sdk";

// openHallidayOnrampToEOA will open a popup that begins the onramp flow.
// Customize the button to match your site's aesthetic.
  onClick={() => {
      destinationBlockchainType: "DFK",
      destinationCryptoType: "JEWEL_DFK",
  Onramp with Halliday

And that's it! You've just made it easier than ever for users to monetize on your site.