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Halliday connects games to commerce. Our programmable ERC-4337 Smart Accounts are fully non-custodial, built to scale, and designed with the consumer experience in mind. We provide developers the tools to grow, monetize, and retain users, allowing teams to build their next breakout hits on the blockchain.

At Halliday, we strive to accommodate the diverse needs of developers:

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Featuring the Halliday Anychain Onramp

Complete with every Halliday Smart Account comes the Halliday Anychain Onramp, a pioneering one-click fiat-to-crypto service for purchasing any token on any chain. With just a single approval, your users can now convert fiat currency into any cryptocurrency, including those on various application-specific chains, L1/L2s, custom blockchains, and more. Learn more about this feature here.

The Halliday Smart Account

Our Halliday Smart Accounts offer the full functionality and security of traditional wallets without the user needing to understand Web3, enhanced with additional features including social login, automatic transaction signing with session keys, gas sponsorship, passkeys integration, and more.

Monetize your assets easier than ever with our Monetization solution. Our first-of-its-kind Halliday Anychain Onramp allows users to acquire any token on any EVM-compatible chain with the click of a button, while our Direct NFT Checkout service enables users to buy your assets with their credit card, with no crypto required.

NFTs can represent many things in your app. Whether it's an epic sword, a new cosmetic, or access to content, let your users experience your NFTs firsthand - no purchase needed. We offer NFT Trials, Subscriptions, and much more coming soon.

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