Commerce Module SDK

To integrate the Commerce Module to your application, you will need to install our Commerce Module SDK with your preferred package manager:

npm install halliday-sdk
yarn add halliday-sdk

The current version of halliday-sdk is v1.6.4.

Please note that this SDK has deprecated login and smart account classes that are no longer supported. For smart account functionality, please install our newest package @halliday-sdk/accounts.

Integrating the Commerce Module - and the Anychain Onramp - to your project is as simple as importing one component. The module will open as a new window or tab within your application, with additional configuration supported for opening it in an iframe.

Our onramp supports two configurations:

  • No-Login Onramp -- Assumes the user is already logged into your site through an EOA or embedded wallet. Funds are deposited into that wallet address.
  • Onramp to EOA -- Assumes the user is not already logged into your site; user will be prompted to connect their wallet, where funds will be deposited.

Halliday supports Stripe and Moonpay as an onramp provider in over 160 countries. Please note that all users will need to go through Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification before onramping with each service, if they have not created an account with these services already.