Halliday Smart Accounts

Manage Halliday Smart Accounts with @halliday-sdk/accounts


Prerequisite: Your Project Needs to be on react^18 and react-dom^18

The @halliday/accounts package lists both react and react-dom as peerDependencies to prevent having multiple copies in react in your project. The minimum supported version for both packages is ^18.0.0. Be sure to install react^18 and react-dom^18 in your package for proper functionality of the @halliday/accounts package.

You can install the Halliday Accounts SDK via your package manager as shown below:

npm install @halliday-sdk/accounts react^18 react-dom^18
yarn add @halliday/accounts react^18 react-dom^18

Then, login to The Halliday Dashboard. Navigate to API Key Management on the left bar, and create your Halliday API key for sandbox and production. This key can be safely exposed in client-side environments, and will be your API key to access all Halliday services.

To continue getting setup with Halliday Smart Accounts, you can visit the following pages: