Getting Started

Halliday currently supports 3 ways for developers to initialize our SDK client, which enables your application to interact with our services and features. Through our SDK client, you can create and manage Halliday Smart Accounts, and access our integrated Monetization Suite. You will need to create an API key through our Dashboard to initialize the client.

Social Login

For new users, Halliday's social login flow offers a quick and easy onboarding experience into your application. Users can simply authenticate through Facebook, Twitter, email, and more. As long as users have access to their social account, they will be able to use their Halliday accounts in your application.

Device Log-In / Passkeys

Halliday supports passkeys on modern browsers and devices. Our browser and mobile log-in flows leverage device-based key storage systems for secure management of Halliday Smart Accounts. Users can simply authenticate transactions with face-id, fingerprint-id, and other biometrics rather than interacting with multiple wallet popups, providing for a similar purchasing experience as with the Google Play Store or App Store.

External Wallet or Custom Signer

Every wallet has a public-private key pair that can sign transactions and messages. In popular open sources libraries like ethers.js, this is called a Signer, which gives wallets the capability to cryptographically sign data. With our SDK's Custom Signer flow, users can plug in their existing external wallet (i.e. MetaMask) and use it as a cryptographic signer that owns, authenticates, and manages their Halliday Smart Account.


Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more background on Wallets and Signers, and how they interact with the Halliday Smart Accounts.