Anychain Onramp Quickstart

Halliday's SDK offers support for our Anychain Onramp, tailored for your application on any blockchain. Our Anychain Onramp makes it easy for users to access your game by bypassing complex Web3 processes. It enables users to easily acquire any token on your app chain, greatly reducing the barrier of entry for them to your application.


Please reach out to a Halliday representative if you are interested in adding Anychain Onramp to your app or marketplace.

Integrating the AnyChain Onramp

To integrate the Halliday Anychain Onramp to your app, first install halliday-sdk:

npm install halliday-sdk


yarn add halliday-sdk

The Anychain Onramp SDK will open a popup in which the users can input the desired amount of funds to onramp. To add this to your application, you only need to integrate the Anychain Onramp button, as shown below:

import { openHallidayOnramp } from "halliday-sdk";

// openHallidayOnramp will open a popup that begins the onramp flow.
// Customize the button to match your game's aesthetic.
  onClick={() => {
      // Optional third argument for the logged in user's inGamePlayerId.
      // If not provided, the user's non-custodial wallet address will be used.
  Onramp with Halliday

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