Authentication without an existing ID system

If your application does not have an implicit authorization, then then you may not have an inGamePlayerId generated for your users to pass into the SocialLoginClient upon initialization. Halliday's SocialLoginClient supports the case where inGamePlayerId is not defined, in which we will generate and set the inGamePlayerId to be the player's Halliday Smart Account Address.


You can follow the same guides to set up Log In with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and simply not pass in inGamePlayerId to use Auth With Halliday!

The returned SocialLoginClient will have the generated inGamePlayerId , and you can also retrieve the currently logged-in user's inGamePlayerId with SocialLoginClient.getLoggedInPlayerId(). This is required before refreshing the client.

Finally, be sure to log out the client when the user's session is finished!

Below is a sample integration of Auth with Halliday, using Log In with Google as an example:

import { useState } from "react";
import { BlockchainType, LogInWithGoogleButton, SocialLoginClient } from "halliday-sdk";

export default function LoginComponent() {
  const [client, setClient] = useState<SocialLoginClient>();
  useEffect(() => {
    // Since you do not have an inGamePlayerId, read it from the current active session
    // This is required before calling getCurrentSocialLoginClient for it to refresh properly!
    const inGamePlayerId = SocialLoginClient.getLoggedInPlayerId();
    const hallidaySocialLoginParams = {
      hallidayPublicApiKey: YOUR_HALLIDAY_API_KEY,
      sandbox: true,
      inGamePlayerId: inGamePlayerId,
      blockchainType: BlockchainType.SEPOLIA
    const hallidayClient = await SocialLoginClient.getCurrentSocialLoginClient(
    setClient(hallidayClient); // setClient can be null.
  }, []);

  if (client == null) {
    return (
        // note the absence of inGamePlayerId -- we will generate one for you

  // Upon user logging out, be sure to call logout!
  return (
    <button onClick={() => client.logOut()}>
      Log Out

Beta: EIP-1271 Signatures

To be able to authenticate your user on your server, we will send an EIP-1271 signature that is sent from the user's Halliday Smart Account address for you to verify against the inGamePlayerId. This is currently in development, stay tuned for future updates!